Welcome to my new universal safe haven where I can manage everything that I do in one space. If you’re reading this it’s probably because you know me in some way or form. I hope you’ll enjoy reading what I have to offer.

This is a blog/a site not just geared towards any one gender. I will post lots of leopard print because I love it and I may talk about shoes or cooking but I’m becoming much a part of the automotive culture in Quebec as well and it’s really intriguing. I will share a bit about everything and for everyone! I can be very versatile and my likes and thoughts span across many interests.

For those who don’t know me I am someone full of things to do. I love to create my own projects. I’ve created multiple fundraisers and am currently writing somewhat of an auto biographical book. I have two incredible children and am married to a great man. I work for Corus Entertainment as a TV Sales Coordinator and I also help my husband run an automotive media company, QNR.ca. I’m in the process of designing some pretty fun and awesome shoes which eventually will be up on the site!

I like to keep busy. It’s what I do. Yes I get tired but I’m not happy if I’m not busy. However! I do enjoy relaxing from time to time.

My mission is to make people happy, see them smile, motivate whoever I can and so on and so forth. Spread positive thoughts and feelings! No but really, I hope what I bring makes you smile at least once or twice.
Here’s what my blog will hold all together:

  • Posts about my projects
  • Posts about incredible things going on that I hear about.
  • Reviews about all sorts of cool things (and I will take requests)
  • Advice column! (Write me a letter, ask for advice, I will answer. You’ll find all info on the Letters tab)
  • Pictures, pictures, pictures. I love them and I will share them.
  • Whatever else interesting I can find.
  • Rant page! Share your rants with me!
  • Stuff that will make you laugh and smile.

I’m going with the flow on this so please bear with me!

Take a peak around and keep following. There will be so much more to come.


3 responses to “WELCOME LOVES

  1. Am proud to call you my daughter in law, Chrissy. You do so many wonderful and creative things. How do you do it? God bless you for always finding a silver lining in a cloudy day and for always being so positive. You inspire me.

  2. I am so happy that your my step daughter , I love you like my own. I admire you how you do everything by yourself , your a super women and so beautiful , you have a big heart God bless you and your beautiful family. Love you all

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