I do a lot of driving on a regular basis. On average, per day, I will drive anywhere from a minimum of 2 hours up to 6 hours. And this is just my daily commute due to the fact we moved a bit further away from everything central.

I have built a relatively calm approach to traffic. Since I deal with it regularly and on a daily basis I figured I may as well save my frustration for more useful situations.

HOWEVER! There are certain days where I am absolutely outraged at the lack of etiquette driving in certain cars, in many cars!

These are my thoughts…


It’s not even funny how close some drivers get their car to the bumper of your car in traffic. Buddy, no one is moving. We are all not getting anywhere whether your car is attached to mine at the bumper, whether your properly spaced behind me or whether your on top of my car. Please back away or I will slam my breaks when we start moving. (I really wouldn’t but I’ve thought about it).
But really, what is the purpose of being that close to another car?!


I don’t condone speeding but I don’t condone driving at the speed of a snail either. Fine by me if your on side streets but if we are on the highway and the speed limit is 80 or even 100 I’m not fully aware why you feel the need to drive at 50?! I’ve seen older drivers do this and younger drivers do this. And sometimes you don’t always have the option to change lanes right away. Get out of my way!


I think every driver needs an update on the rules of merging.

If there is a merge and I don’t have a stop sign the people in the other lanes should give me space to merge. Be courteous. Would it kill you? If I have a stop sign then by all means you have the right away.

Also, at a merge IN TRAFFIC, please refrain from going up as far as you can whether there is no longer a lane to cut in in front of everyone else. Really?! Are you that impatient. Fit in to your new lane wherever you can but don’t purposely try and get in front of everyone. I’m sorry, I forgot your are the most important person in the world… not!


If your turn signals don’t work find an alternative. I am not a mind reader. I cannot hop into your brain to figure out that you are going to turn into my lane last minute. Even if I could, I have better things to do.

If your turn signals do work, what is so difficult to figure out about how to use them? Really? Click up, click down. If your turning right use your right one and vice versa. If you can put gas in your own car you can figure out how to use your signals.

Worst case scenario: resort to bike signals with your arms out the window. Anything.


I just let you merge into my lane because last minute you weren’t paying attention. Sure thing, I don’t mind… But say thank you, jerk! Give a little wave, raise your hand to your rear view mirror. Do something to show your appreciate for my kind gesture. I could have NOT let you in. All the time I see this. No one says thank you! What is so hard about a small gesture?


4 responses to “DRIVING ETIQUETTE

  1. hilarious and so true! I love this!! Thank you for saying what we feel! Did you know Montreal is the 4th worst place in North America for Traffic, and it’s the only place with snow. So in my eyes that makes us #1!

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