First off I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family & friends!

I am not a big “New Years Resolutions” person but this year I am looking at it quite differently.

We can technically make our own resolutions any day that we want to but for some reason we feel like they will be more liable to stick if we start them in the new year.

For 2013 I resolve to be more open to myself. To stop trying to please the world and to start working to live in happiness and harmony. It sounds stupid but I have truly come to believe that if we spend more time living in the little moments that make us happy we can find true happiness. It does not come in the form of money or material things or success. I think it shows itself in finding the little things that make us laugh and hanging out in those moments as long as we can. I think it comes in appreciating not only the smiles of our loved ones but those of everyone around us. It comes in the form of simplicity. Aiming for our dreams and goals but without over complicating things. It comes from giving back and being selfless. These things are where the true form of happy live; at least that’s what I believe.

This world, although we mistake it for being so horrible most of the time, harbours the best of the best of happiness and good times. I think we just choose complicating things because it’s what we are growing up around. It’s the evolution of the times. We still, however, have the choice to let it be so or make it different.

Life is too short to cram everything into one day and the more we do the more we miss. We think we’re achieving everything and multi tasking (including myself) but in all reality we are letting the little moments pass us by. True happiness is hidden in those moments.

I resolve to smile and laugh more often and choose what will stress me and what is not worth it.

What are your resolutions?



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