Snow storm! Snow storm! Snow storm!

We were warned the day before but our weather friends have been so unreliable lately.

We were scheduled to move our office today (not a big move and only a few streets away).

At 6am the snow didn’t seem all that bad. The highways were pretty snowy but relatively clear. Made it to town in pretty good timing.

Hitting downtown Montreal started a whole other story!


Before arriving to the office I stopped at the pharmacy.

Upon getting back out to my car and trying to take off I quickly realised my car wasn’t going anywhere.

After 15 minutes of trying to move my car there’s a knock on my window.

This kind man offers to help push the car. After 5 minutes we successful get my car out of it’s stuck state.

Across the street about 15-20 people start applauding.

I could have been embarassed but I couldn’t help but laugh and smile. Really made my day!

Got to the office that we needed to move. Was pretty windy, snowy and all together brrr.


Working in this building has been fun and I will miss it but I’m looking forward to our new start in a new office!


We are a small office so we really didn’t have a ton to move but in this weather one box seems like a ton of stuff.


And voila! After an hour of moving and getting up a snowy hill we arrived safe and sound at the new office.


Leaving the office to head to lunch after moving was just gross. So much snow. So many people stuck. So much snow.


Traffic was everywhere.


Some streets were easy to cross and others not so…


Some streets were a disaster. I sat an hour here and an hour there just waiting. Singing to the radio and hoping it would get easier.


Waiting.. Waiting.. Waiting..


The more I sat and waited the more the snow accumulated on my car. Every now and then I had to get out and clear it.


Cars were being buried left right and center by the plows and the blowing snow.


I don’t even want to think of them trying to get their cars out.


Almostat the highway and I try to pull into a gas station and get stuck again. A few kind helpers and I was free again!


“Look Mama. Nooooo” (She really means snow)


Had I not had Mackenzy in the car I would have stopped to help this guy. So many people were helping those stuck but so many still went overlooked.

I really was amazed at the kindness of others today. Not only because I experienced it myself but because I saw so many people stop their cars and get out and help others. Masses trying to help buses stuck in the snow.

It was a crazy day but it nonetheless made me smile.

How was your snowstorm in Montreal?



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