I was lucky to have Chris, creator of Message with a Bottle take the time to answer some questions for me. I happened to fall across his Tumblr and I sat there and just giggled at all the post-its that Message with a Bottle is focused on. I thought it was absolutely genius to track parenting tips and thoughts on post-its. We all have those “smack your forehead” parenting times or times where we “just don’t get it”. Message With a Bottle is following a stay at home dad and freelancer who is just trying to do the best he can and make the world all laugh alongside him. Not only can you follow him through his post-it parenting journey but he’s written a few books and also runs the website Guyspeed. Impressive, I’d say.

Take a look at what he had to say…

Where did the idea of blogging your parenting post its come from?

I jot down a ton of writing ideas on post-it notes. One day, as a joke for my Permanent Roommate, I wrote “don’t forget to feed the kid.” I thought it would be funny to write myself parenting tips on post-its and it evolved from there.

You’ve also written some books from what I see. Where did the inspiration come from?

The publishers approached me for the first book. It did so well they asked me to write a second. The third book was all the dumb stuff in my writing journal.


What are your thoughts about the world of social networking? Do you think it is an essential tool nowadays or is it just madness?

I think it’s starting to make more sense for news and information gathering and less sense for personal use. It’s where I get my news (great) and find out how dumb and ignorant some people are based on the things they post on their Facebook/Twitter.

Being a parent can be difficult, what do you find are the hardest times?

There is nowhere to hide. No where. And also I somehow became the person with all the answers.


What are the most important contributing factors to your happiness?

Getting into bed at night and thinking “ok, that day wasn’t so bad.”

If you could give one piece of the best parenting advice, what would it be?

No matter what you do, or how hard you try not to, you’re going to do SOMETHING that will scar them for life. Just don’t think about.


Any future plans for “Message With a Bottle” or any more writing ventures?

I’m working on a book proposal, I wrote a script for a TV show, I’m doing stand-up now and I’ve got a second kid coming in less than a month. Also, I put my pants on correctly today. I’m especially proud of that.

Make sure to check him out on the following social networks & other projects:



TWITTER: @chrisilluminati

AMAZON: click HERE to see the books he’s written too!

GUYSPEED: Yep, he runs this website too!



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