This was my first time fundraiser and I had an incredible time organizing it. I was studying advertising at Champlain at the time and figured I’d attempt to put some of my knowledge to use. And I did. I was pretty clueless in some areas to begin but I learned as I went. What an incredible experience it was. The idea of the fundraiser was to create an art exhibit and silent auction with other entertainment elements in order to raise money for the Children’s Hospital.

I began planning pre Christmas 2008 and the fundraiser kicked off in February. It was held at a nice little club called “Le Social” (which is no longer). We had all of the art set up throughout the building. People were able to bid on the art throughout the evening. There was also a live performance by an incredible singer upstairs and on the main floor a DJ. We even had a few tables set up with paper and crayons for all the guests to create small pictures that could be given to the kids at the Children’s Hospital.

What an incredible night that was. We raised approximately $2,000 + for the cause after all expenses had been calculated.

For full pictures from the event CLICK HERE


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