While organizing the Image of the Invisible Art Exhibit I caught wind of a burlesque show being organized. I hopped onto the website and sent out an email to see if they needed help. The organizer herself, Scarlett James, got back to be and was glad to take me on. I did a little bit of everything while I volunteered for the first Montreal Burlesque Festival. I help with some graphic design, I organized and managed the volunteers and I did a lot of the online social updates to keep people informed.

I was really educated on a whole new lifestyle and culture when it came to helping with the Burlesque Festival and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. People assume burlesque is the equivalent to stripping but it really is so much more. It’s about confidence, humor, glamor, creativity, beauty, one’s inner beauty, the art of dance and tease.  I met so many wonderful and unique people through this festival and still keep in touch to this day.

For more information visit the MONTREAL BURLESQUE FESTIVAL website!


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