The Sweetest Thing Fundraiser is something I created shortly after my Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. I wanted to do a fundraiser that raised money and awareness for people with cancer. I didn’t want to raise money for the research for a cure because let’s face it, that’s what everyone does! So I found this group called Cansupport. They promote education about cancer and treatments and provide support programs of all sorts for those who have cancer and are undergoing treatments and processes.

I decided to do a sort of variety show held at the Just For Laughs Museum which included the wonderful Miss Sugarpuss as our host, singer Amanda Mabro, comedian Deanne Smith, mentalist Chris Mysterion, burlesque performer Coco Frambroise and so much more. The show also had a raffle in which we gave away prizes like a signed Tori Mitchell San Jose jersey, limited edition Leonerd Cohen prints, Norah Jones CD, signed Jack Johnson poster, Montreal Canadiens hat and shirt and more.

I worked for 10 months on this project putting together proposals, approaching companies for sponsorships, approaching media and so on.

We had a wonderful time and I learnt so much from taking on this huge project. I walked away with a lot more knowledge and understanding of organizing an event and for those those fighting cancer. Programs like Cansupport are integral to a cancer patients fight. They really are a wonderful support and comfort system.

To learn more about CANSUPPORT check out there website.

To see the free website I created for the event CLICK HERE.

For an album of photos from the event CLICK HERE.


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